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Platform Ad Management

Google Adsense, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Instagram and More

We manage effective campaigns on all of these platforms. CPM or CPC, we've got your back.

Programmatic Platform Access

Take advantage of vast network of two million publishers across a variety of devices and platforms.

We can ensure that your ads are displayed anywhere on the internet. Display ads on redstate? No problem. A :30 second video hit on the latest action movie over at crackle.com? I like where your head is at! Want to bake a 1:00 audio spot into popular podcasts that are downloaded in your area? We love that option.

Our network of over two million publishers is provided via an advertising exchange that determines inventory pricing based on market demands. Ad campaigns must be monitored and adjusted regularly to ensure money is being spent efficiently. Of course, if you just need maximum exposure and have money to burn we can turn it to 11.

Beyond access to publishers, our platform also allows for advanced targeting methods including both IP based and geo-fenced. Make sure your ads are served efficiently to the most high impact viewers.

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twenty9north is a boutique digital agency with a focus and specialization in political campaigns and advocacy.

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